• In Their Own Words, the story of north Lincoln County Oregon as told by its early settlers

  • Japanese Glass Fishing Floats

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Preserving the History of North Lincoln County, Oregon

NEW EXHIBIT:TND Fire DepartmntTaking Care of Business, Early Ventures in Lincoln City
NEW EXHIBIT:American Made Fishing FloatAmerican Made Glass Fishing Floats

EXHIBIT: In Their Own Words: The story of North Lincoln County told by its early settlers

The downstairs exhibit gallery examines the history of North Lincoln County through township development in the mid 1920s. Beginning with information about the prehistory of the central Oregon coast including fossils and other early artifacts, this gallery includes Native American history with examples of baskets and beadwork; early settlement and homesteading displays that show early tools and household items; and dairy, fishing, and cannery displays with artifacts from those industries. Large photos of people and places included throughout the exhibit bring to life the fascinating history of north Lincoln County told with excerpts taken from oral history interviews.

EXHIBIT: Japanese glass fishing floats

Donated from the spectacular collection of Jim Watson, are a special feature of this gallery. This display includes many unusual examples produced in Japan for the fishing industry that have made their way to the Oregon Coast at the whim of wave and wind.

EXHIBIT: Pixieland, Tourism and the Twenty Miracle Miles

The upstairs gallery focuses on tourism, celebrating the age of the automobile with information on the first cars and roads to the area. The gallery’s timeline begins with the completion of the Salmon River and Coast Highways in the late 1920s and extends through 1965 when many of the small towns incorporated as Lincoln City. The history of each town along what was known as the Twenty Miracle Miles is included in a panel display, along with roadside attractions, early tourism promotions like the notorious “Redhead Roundup”, and one-of- a-kind businesses like the Pixie Kitchen and Pixieland. The Mildred and Maries Children’s Corner is all “hand-on”, with puppets, books and games to keep younger children entertained while their parents tour the museum.

Each gallery includes a changing display area; so that each time you visit there is something new to see.

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